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Drug company Mylan to lower the cost of EpiPens for some consumers

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Pharmaceutical company Mylan announced plans today to reduce the cost of it’s emergency EpiPen product used to treat serve allergic reactions. The company’s practice of steadily increasing the price of EpiPens beginning in 2007 has recently drawn the attention and ire of patients and politicians alike.

Mylan’s plan to reduce the cost of EpiPens is to offer some patients discount cards that provide up to $300 off the cost of a pack of two EpiPens. The retail price of EpiPens will remain the same however so Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance companies may still have to pay the full price.

The drastic price hike of the drug Daraprim by Turing Pharmaceuticals last fall resulted in similar public outrage and media attention, as noted in this AcuPartD blog post from September 22, 2015.



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