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Update: Congress Passes SGR and ICD-10 delay

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4/10/2014 update:

Additional perspectives on the ICD-10 delay as healthcare providers await further guidance from CMS- read more.


4/2/2014 post:

Despite efforts to replace the sustainable growth rate (SGR), members of the House and Senate could not come to an agreement on how to pay for reforms and instead delayed the 24 percent cuts mandated by the SGR. If signed into law, this would be the 17th temporary fix enacted over the past 11 years to postpone SGR cuts.

The measure delaying the implementation of the ICD-10 was only one sentence of the overall bill. The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 has been a controversial topic; first proposed in 2005, the implementation deadline has already been delayed twice. Proponents of the change argue that the newer codes will provide a more exact and up-to-date record of diagnoses and procedures, which would improve public health and quality reporting. Also, organizations have already dedicated resources and training sessions for the ICD-10 in anticipation of the upcoming October 1, 2014 compliance deadline. Opponents of the change, mainly medical associations and smaller practices, argue that implementing the new system is overly burdensome and expensive. If this measure is passed, the new ICD-10 implementation deadline can be no earlier than October 1, 2015.



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